The University of Pristina is a comprehensive independent and self-governing institution, consisting of the central unit, called a Rectorate, and ten faculties.

The University is headed by a rector, who appoints vice-rectors to take charge of departments such as education and student affairs, science and international relations. Each Faculty is headed by a Dean, who is a senior member of academic staff, supported by vice-deans and the various departmental heads. The University of Prisina is not integrated, faculties are groups of legal entities linked with the central units, with a decision-making process dependent on faculties’ bodies.

The organization of the University is regulated in accordance with the Law on Higher Education of the Republic of Serbia and the Statute of the University, as well as with other relevant normative acts.

The government body of the University if the University Council, who consists of 19 members (6 representatives of the founder, 10 representatives of the faculties and 3 representatives of the students). The Council has its president, who is elected from among the representatives of the faculties. The University Council, at the proposal of the Senate, adopts the State of the University, elects and dismisses the Rector, adopts the financial plan, adopts business reports and the annual budget of the University, and performs other duties in accordance with the law and the Statute.

The president of the Council is Hadži Miloš Vidaković, associate professor at the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education.

The Senate is the highest professional body of the University that decides upon the issues of teaching, scientific, artistic and professional activities of the University. It consists of 23 members: the Rector, Vice-Rectors, Deans, and one full professor from each faculty comprising the University. Whilst discussing and deciding upon the issues of curriculum reform, analysis of the effectiveness of the average length of studies, teaching quality assurance and other issues of importance to students, 5 student-representatives elected by the Student Parliament of the University take part in the work of the Senate.

The University has 8 Professional Boards: Board of Science and Mathematics; Board of Law and Economics; Board of Medical Science; Board of Technical and Technological Science; Board of Artistic field; Board of Philosophical, Philological, Historical and Social Science; Board of Biotechnical Science and Board of Sports and Physical Education.

Professional Boards are appointed in order to adopt decisions and state opinion on the election of teaching staff, as well as give the required University approval to decisions reached at Faculties.

With the aim of carrying out the integrative functions of the University and conducting a unified policy aimed at continuous improvement of teaching, research and artistic work, innovation, and providing support to students in academic career development, the following institutions operate at the University: Commission for Quality Assurance, Ethics Committee, Center for Career Development and Alumni Club. The University also gives its approval of the doctoral theses suggested by the faculties, of the authorized faculty committees’ reports on the completed doctoral theses, and confers the titles of university professors.

The University’s opinion is asked for when the Government of the Republic of Serbia decides on the number of new students whose enrollment is to be approved. Doctoral degrees are conferred at the University to those who obtain them at any of the faculties belonging to the University of Pristina.