During the decades of its work, the University of Priština in Kosovska Mitrovica has educated thousands of students in various fields of science and arts. Professionals who were educated and graduated from our University achieved and are still achieving significant careers in the country and abroad. Therefore, the alumni (former students) of the University of Priština are rightly recognized as the pride, strength, and ambassadors of the University.

Connecting with alumni is very important for the future of our University. The strategic intention of the University is to improve the quality and relevance of its work and strengthen its position in various sectors of society precisely through cooperation with alumni. For this reason, the University launched an initiative to form the Alumni Association (at the University level) and alumni clubs at all faculties within the University.

Alumni clubs are organizational units of faculties without the status of a legal entity, as well as units of the University Alumni Association. The focus of activities of the faculties’ alumni clubs are:

  • Continuous growth of the club community;
  • Active engagement and professional contribution in the fields of education, science, and career development of faculty students;
  • Active cooperation with faculties, the University Alumni Association, and external professional associations, that is, external alumni associations in the corresponding fields of education and science; and
  • Promotion of engagement and the achieved results.

Every alumni club has an assembly, president, vice president, secretary, and members. The work of the clubs is determined by special rules adopted by the faculty bodies.

The University Alumni Association is an umbrella organization that gathers all University alumni, that is, all alumni clubs. The association is an organizational unit of the University without the status of a legal entity and has its own bodies – assembly, president, vice-president, secretary, board of directors, honorary board, board for editing the e-magazine of the Alumni Association, four committees: committee for education, committee for scientific research, donor committee and career development committee, and members. The focus of the Alumni Association is the continuous growth of the alumni community of the University and the regular organization of activities and events for social and professional networking and cooperation of alumni, students, and staff of the University in the fields of education, science, and career development.

Membership in alumni clubs and the Alumni Association is voluntary, time-unlimited, and free of charge. A member of any alumni club is also a member of the University Alumni Association.

The establishment and scope of work of the University Alumni Association and associated alumni clubs are defined by the Strategy on Cooperation between the University and Alumni with the Implementation Action Plan for the Period 2024-2029, as well as the Rulebook on the Organizational Framework of Cooperation between the University and Alumni.

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