Student activism and organization have been present among our students, who have always been willing to contribute to student standards, ever since the University of Priština was established.

Students of all faculties the University consists of, who are enrolled in the school year when the Student Parliament is established, have the right to elect and be elected a member of the Student Parliament.

University students’ parliament consists of 30 members. There are up to 3 representatives of the students with disabilities and the ones enrolled on the basis of affirmative measures.

Student Parliament of the University organizes and coordinates the activities of student parliaments at the faculties of the University, as well as the other students’ organizations. It consists of 30 representatives of all University students and establishes direct connections with many student organizations in the country and abroad. First of all, this refers to Student Conference of Serbian Universities (SKONUS), the national student council of the Republic of Serbia.

Therefore, the Student Parliament of our University takes part in the activities and European Student Union (ESU) via SKONUS. Every two years, the University Student Parliament appoints the student vice-rector. President of the University Student Parliament is Slađan Trajković, a student of the Faculty of
Medicine, while a student vice-rector is Ivan Virijević, a student of the Faculty of Law.

Beside the Student Parliament of the University, students organized their own student parliament at every faculty, which coordinates the activities of the other student organizations at the faculty and organizes a number of extracurricular activities on their own or in cooperation with the Student Parliament of the University.

As their Students’ Day, the students of the University of Priština in Kosovska Mitrovica celebrate the 23rd of April every year, when they organize the official academy on the occasion of which they award 10 best students of the University with a special certificate of merit of the Students’ Parliament. The extent to which students’ activism is established and impressionable in the public life of Kosovska Mitrovica is evidenced by the fact that this period of year is called Students’ Week. Sports contests, quizzes of knowledge, performances, and film projections, as well as the traditional party for Students’ Day – 23rd of April, are organized at the time.


Slađan Trajković

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