Bachelor Degree

Bachelor degree is awarded to students who have completed the relevant courses in their field of study. Bachelor academic studies correspond to 240 ECTS credits, which is equivalent to four years of study. Students who complete the Bachelor academic studies acquire the professional title that denotes completing the first degree of academic studies in the given profession.

Master Degree

Master studies are for those students who wish to upgrade their previous studies. Master academic studies correspond to 60 ECTS-credits, which is equivalent to one year of study. The completion of the study programme of Master studies implies the obligation to produce the final work. A student who completes these second degree academic studies acquires the academic title of Master.

Doctoral Degree

A doctoral degree is appropriate for students who have completed a Master degree and now wish to solidify their knowledge further and potentially work in the academic discipline or research field of their expertise.

Doctoral studies correspond to at least 180 ECTS. The PhD dissertation is the final part of the doctoral studies programme, with the exception of the PhD in Art, which includes an art project.

A person who completes doctoral studies, i.e. academic studies of the third cycle, acquires the scientific title of Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Science, or Doctor of Arts), indicating the corresponding field.

Integrated academic studies

Prospective students can enroll the first year of integrated academic studies for medical doctors and dentists if they completed a four-year secondary education.

Five year integrated academic studies are awarded with 300 ECTS for Dentistry, and six year integrated academic studies are awarded with 360 ECTS for General Medicine.

Students who finish Integrated academic studies receive the academic title of a Medical Doctor (MD).

Foreign students can enroll the faculty under the same conditions.

Specialist studies

Specialist professional studies grant at least 60 ECTS after their completion.

Specialist academic studies grant at least 60 ECTS credits after their completion. Before specialist academic studies students must have completed master academic studies.