CEEPUS is the Central European exchange program for students and teachers based in Vienna. There are currently 14 member states: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro. At the head of this program is the Committee of Ministers, while the coordination, evaluation, development, and promotion is maintaned by the Central Office CEEPUS (the Secretariat).

The main objectives of the program are to establish multilateral dimension through academic mobility within the Central European and Southern European regions, the promotion of complete programs and networks, especially networks of joint degrees (Joint Degree Networks) to promote understanding and specificity of the region and help in the establishment of the European Higher Education Area.

CEEPUS allows mobility of students and academics, as well as language courses and excursions. One of the most important activities that this program provides is the university network which is based on the cooperation of at least three universities, provided that two of the three universities from different EU member CEEPUS. The basic idea is to include the best and brightest in the exchange. Unlike other programs, there is a priority list and all areas of study will be accepted. University networks are selected using two computer-supported (CEEPUS Scoring System) step of which is at a national and international level to another. In order to recognize the academic activities of the participants CEEPUS, it is the universities that are in the shared network have established ECTS or compatible grading system. It is also necessary that the university offers certain courses in English, German or French.

For schoolarship can apply, students and professors of universities in Serbia, regardless of the department, with the knowledge of English.

There is two categories of application:

  1. Mobility applicant – for students and professors which faculties is part of academic network of CEEPUS-a.
  2. Free mover – for students and professors which faculties is not part of academic network of CEEPUS-a.

CEEPUS program is managed by the Ministry of Education and Science, the more information can be found at www.ceepus.info and at web site of Ministry.